Batik, one of Indonesia’s most delicate heritage masterpieces, is now gaining fame as a room decoration. A batik-gallery-alike decoration is well known to make a room luxurious and cushier. But as batik has lots of motifs and colors, how can we make a room with batik decoration stylish yet minimalist?

Unique, Stylish, and Minimalist Way to Decorate a Room with Batik
Unique, Stylish, and Minimalist Way to Decorate a Room with Batik
Get to Know Batik’s Surface

First of all, you might want to get batik with good motifs that reflect your personality. Batik does have philosophical meaning in each motif, therefore you might want to do some research and find one that suits you. For instance, we will talk about decorating the room with the Parang Rusak in white and brown motifs of Batik in Indonesia.

To be noted before purchasing batik

a high-quality batik is handmade, while a low quality is printed on fabric. Not only high quality, but a hand made batik is also authentic and supports local business better than printed batik that you can purchase anywhere outside Indonesia. Therefore, make sure you are purchasing a handmade authentic batik for more value and better quality.

Unique, Stylish, and Minimalist Way to Decorate a Room with Batik
Unique, Stylish, and Minimalist Way to Decorate a Room with Batik
How to Style a Room into Batik Gallery-Alike

To make your room look like a gallery, decorate your wall using a Parang Rusak motif, as a wallpaper fabric. Just like the mandala sarong, lay them to a wall, or hang like a curtain, and you are pretty good to go with the first step.

If you want a batik as a curtain, pick one with white background and darker motif color. Because they will let sunshine lightly through to your room. But will not cast shadows of what is in your room as the darker motifs will obscure the view. In other words, it is healthier but still safer.

Not only as wallpaper or curtain, but a better batik gallery alike for a room can also be pursued using authentic decorated sleeping lamps. To have one with a certain batik motif, such as Parang Rusak, you have to order it for local people. Because things like this should be delicately made and limited produced. Well, not only it is beautiful, it is authentic, and around millions of people, it is only you who have them!

Aside from those three options

the other options people like to decorate their room is to decorate the clock with batik fabric. Easily, you can purchase a clock with a batik motif on local shops. Or just wrap the clock with batik all by yourself. Even the second option is not hard to do, since you will only need the batik fabric, some scissors, glue, and few sewing accessories.

The last but not least way people are decorating their room with batik is to buy personal accessories. Such as a purse or handbag with batik motifs and just place them inside of the glass cabinet. Not only will the stuff last longer, but it also makes your room look almost literally like a batik gallery. Stunning!

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