Joining Batik Gallery to Contribute More and Gain Advantages

Gallery is a place where you find art and craft. People visit and explore the works. It may be only exhibition or including sale. The example of gallery is the one for batik. For your information, it is different from museum. Even though both collect and display various batik creation and style, gallery is usually […]

Should I Join a Batik Gallery in the Area?

Around the world you will find galleries specializing in the topic of batik. Batik itself is a form of cultural heritage in the form of handcrafted patterned fabric. The patterns hold certain philosophical values and thus should not be treated callously. When you are wearing certain batik design, you are trying to convey a meaning. […]

Tips On Choosing Right Batik Dress To Look Elegant and Stylish

Batik is a traditional Indonesian fabric that is now famous all over the world. Now, along with the changing times, batik no longer looks old-fashioned and outdated. As evidence now you can see a gallery of batik not only in traditional markets, but already in the big shopping malls and modern shopping centers. Not only […]

Unique, Stylish, and Minimalist Way to Decorate a Room with Batik

Batik, one of Indonesia’s most delicate heritage masterpieces, is now gaining fame as a room decoration. A batik-gallery-alike decoration is well known to make a room luxurious and cushier. But as batik has lots of motifs and colors, how can we make a room with batik decoration stylish yet minimalist? Get to Know Batik’s Surface […]

Visit 5 of the Most Famous Batik

Every 2nd of October is celebrated as the National Batik Day in Indonesia.  This was truly once an extraordinary struggle of the Indonesian country in the past.  Since 2009, batik has been designated by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces in terms of the Intangible Humanitarian Heritage.  It took 3 years until batik was finally […]