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5 of the Most Famous Batik PLAGIAT

Every 2nd of October is celebrated as the National Batik Day in Indonesia.  This was truly once an extraordinary struggle of the Indonesian country in the past.  Since 2009, batik has been designated by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces in terms of the Intangible Humanitarian Heritage.  It took 3 years until batik was finally recognized after 6 representatives of countries that are members of UNESCO conducted an assessment and verification.

For that reason, let’s keep the popularity and existence of this typical Indonesian fabric by visiting the famous batik gallery in Indonesia.  Not only popular, some of these galleries have original and beautiful batik collections you might want to have for your own collection at home.  Therefore, 5 of the famous batik galleries in Indonesia:

Batik Seno (Yogyakarta)

For more than 30 years in the world of Indonesian batik, Seno Batik Gallery has successfully gained popularity.  Not only that the price of its batik is cheap, you get to learn how to make batik from scratch and also get to see the batik process itself.  The place is spacious and has various contents. Such as batik cloth, batik clothes, souvenirs, and the most unique item is batik painting.

Batik Seno
Batik Seno

 House of Danar Hadi (Surakarta, Central Java)

The House of Danar Hadi was inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism and Culture in August of 2008 and has become one of the tourism destinations in Surakarta.  Starting from a small home-based industry, the Danar Hadi Batik brand has undergone many adjustments to adapt to the idealism of batik in the modern industry.  Danar Hadi Gallery has hundreds of batik collections, ranging from classic to contemporary styles.

 Iwan Tirta Gallery Collection (Jakarta)

As an artist, Iwan Tirta has dedicated his life to introducing batik not only in Indonesia, but to the rest of the world as well.  He is a well-known batik maestro who is renowned for his batik collections, beautiful fabric designs, and magnificent fashion shows. In fact, Iwan Tirta is also known to have designed more than ten thousand batik designs during his lifetime.

 Batik Jawa Gallery (Yogyakarta)

At Batik Jawa, their batik collections are stunning and natural.  Uniquely, their batik here uses natural dyes mostly blue colored ones from the indigofera leaves.  In order to produce this blue color, a cloth needs to be dyed dozens of times with natural dyes.

 Batik Jawa Gallery
Batik Jawa Gallery

Murni Batik Gallery (Madiun, East Java)

Murni Batik Madiun is not only a gallery of clothing or batik clothes. Here they provide batik training for students, agencies or institutions for at least 5 individuals per session.  Some of Murni Madiun batik characteristics. So that it can always be used as a souvenir, include Seger Arum Motif, Lotus Motif, Basil Leaf Motif, and many more.

Apart from the 5 batik galleries mentioned above, there are many other great galleries that are widespread in Indonesia.  Hence, today’s batik designs are indeed very fashionable and universal. Because of these famous batik galleries that have successfully sold batik images throughout Indonesia and abroad.

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